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Dallas COVID office

Overcoming the Challenges in Dallas     

While our communities and businesses focus on recovery to get past this crisis, the steps may seem infinite to overcome. Everyday life has come screeching to a halt: sports have been put on hold and school cancelled. Strict new health protocols have been put in place.  These include frequent hand washing, hand sanitizing stations available for workers and customers, symptom monitoring, disinfecting of surfaces, especially high touch areas.  And the most difficult rule for most, social distancing of 6 feet or more.  Offices are prone to be breeding grounds for the spread of viruses due to close proximity of workers and perhaps poor air circulation of the air.

Employers should consider implementing a staggered workforce, such as alternating days or weeks for different groups of employees and/or contractors coming into the office workplace.  Owners also should continue to encourage individuals to work remotely if possible.  If an employer provides a meal for employees and/or contractors, the employer is recommended to have the meal individually packed for each individual rather than share dishes.  Regular and frequent cleaning and disinfecting must also now be done on high touch surfaces of the office space and buildings, such as doorknobs, railings, tables and chairs, elevator buttons and restrooms.  These preventive methods will help keep offices COVID compliant. 

Staff Returning to Offices in Dallas

Strict criteria is also in place that employees or contractors must meet before returning to work following recovery from a COVID-19 diagnosis.  Employees and contractors must be reminded to wash their hands frequently following contact with high touch surfaces.  Staff must also maintain at least 6 feet of separation from other individuals throughout their workday.  If such distancing is not feasible, measures such as face covering, hand hygiene, cough etiquette, cleanliness and sanitation should be rigorously practiced.  Employees must cooperate for offices to remain compliant.

For offices with more than 10 employees and/or contractors present at one time, employers should consider having an individual wholly or partially dedicated to ensuring the health protocols adopted by the office are being successfully implemented and followed.  Offices are asked to disinfect any items that come into contact with customers.  Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of a preventive nature will keep offices COVID compliant.  Some businesses, however, may not have the manpower to effectively handle these daunting tasks. 

Partnering with A Reputable Firm to Assist with COVID Compliance in Dallas

An abundance of chores, if you will, need to be done in offices for employees to safely return to their desks. With all these new requirements for offices, some businesses may not have adequate staff.  Current staff should not be taken away from their work to re-arrange seating in their offices, perform the frequent, rigorous sanitizing of so many high-touch surfaces and patrol other employees.  These organizations may need to seek affordable help to assist in finding sanitizing solutions above the normal cleaning performed by after hours janitors.  Employers should look to a local staffing company with versatile, well trained workers to take on these added projects.

Trinity Event Staffing is comprised of teams of professional, background-checked and reliable individuals.  While Trinity can supply brand ambassadors, servers and bartenders to assist with company functions, weddings, and charity events, they also have sanitizing specialists.  These staff members have been through extensive training on the protocols in place. They could be on hand for cleaning and sanitizing during business hours to allow business to proceed. The presence of cleaning staff seen on-site by employees and clients would tell them you are concerned about their safety.  This in turn, would alleviate some concerns with entering their establishment and doing business with them.

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